Sunday, September 12, 2010

Singlish, Tresses and Gym

This weekend was a long weekend! As much as this month long holiday has been irritating me...I love the 3 day weekend it gave me! Although I didn't do was a great weekend to recover from the stressful 2 weeks I had at work. I fell pretty revived and ready for Monday!

So I wanted to start off this post with a video of Singlish! I just feel like I can't quite describe how terrible their version of English is here...and I just think you guys should get a feel of what I deal with everyday! So here is a youtube video I found...its not quite as fast as they usually talk BUT it gives you a feel for the terrible slang they have. I dont know why but just the sound of their made up language irritates me..and ps this is usually the kind of nonsense they talk about.

So I went to get my hair done this weekend. And I did not have high hopes at all...but it turned out to be a great experience! (shocker right?) So I wanted to get the same feel I had for my hair already...just touched up and trimmed.  And she wanted to dye it and do some crazy stuff...but it ended up being great a tad lighter than i had imagined but it looks great...blends into my previous hilights really well even though she did very few highlights.

But the best part of the whole experience was the additional hair treatment I got! It was this kerastase intensive treatment + hair mask. It made my hair sooo smooth...and to top it off after the treatment was washed off I was taken to this private room which fits 2 people. It had the most amazing squishy hair salon chairs...that laid down flat. And there was a television that was playing behind the chairs so you could watch it in the mirrors.

And I got this amazing head, neck, shoulder, and arm massage with hot stones...while laying on this awesome chair. And then I got my hair cut in this private room. I felt sooo special...i mean I didn't see everyone else getting to go to this room.

Anyways after this amazing hair experience, I felt obligated to buy some hair products...and plus i do need better hair care. My hair is so dry and crunchy here. Well the lady sold me this intensive treatment...kerastase chronologiste which is supposed to protect and deeply condition your hair. There are these pearls you mix into this conditioner...and you leave it in for 5 minutes. It seems really cool! Although I do have to say she sold it to me incorrectly saying I could use it every day...but its not really a daily conditioner. But whatever..she is sg-an after all.

And I finished off my weekend with a workout at the new awesome gym I joined, Pure Fitness! Every cardio machine has its own dvd player, and there is a dvd library with great movies and tv series. So you can watch movies while your working out...which is a big motivator for me. Actually, I am pretty sure that is the reason I watch movies while working out. I didn't take any pictures..but next time I will! Until next time lovelies, xxoo!

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