Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wild Wild Wet

FINALLY days off after 12 tortuous days in a row. I love weekends

I had a great Friday and eating at the awesome food court at 313! How can you beat an entire meal for less than USD 3.00?!! And it always tastes great. I am obsessed with that mall!

I also did some birthday shopping for irene and courtney...I love shopping for presents! I wish that was a job.."official gift buyer" or something. I would rock at that job, well at least everyone seems to like my presents. Ugh but lets be honest, any job that brings me home would be great though.

O and I also got a great mani/pedi at the place underneath my apartment called I Confess. They getting a mani/pedi coming in for a cute/maybe sacriligious? I had a great experience, sometimes singaporeans really surprise me...I had tried to come in a few times a couple weeks ago and they were always booked whenever I wanted to come. So when I finally was able to come in they gave me $10 off AND free nail art...look how cute!?!

But the highlight of this entry is my adventure to the only waterpark in Singapore, Wild Wild Wet, with Leonie. Well, when I found out how FAR away it was I already did not have high hopes for it...but it was only SGD15.00 so I figured why not give it a try. This place was at the farthest end of the subway line...I've never travelled so far out of the city center! I think the amount of time we spent travelling to and from the waterpark was longer than the amount of time we spent at the acctual waterpark.

TOTAL FAIL! The park had a tiny small lazy river, a wave pool with tiny waves, and three pretty lame water slides. There was one upside to the park...this ride called Slide Out.

Its basically like a giant skateboarding ramp and you ride down in an innertube. It was the most thrilling thing there..although the way up the to the top was insane. We had to carry this insanely heavy innterube with back rests so you didn't hit the walls up to the top and the floor was burning hot! Singapore definitely does not know water paks. I think I'm going to stick with Sentosa from now on.

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