Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Late Chinese New Years/Valentines

This is a bit late...but I had a great Chinese New Year/Valentines weekend! I spent one day shopping all day and  decided that I have a new favorite store to add to my list of faves...Massimo Dutti!! I am a little bit obsessed with their manequins. I wish I could dress in a million layers in Singapore! Actually I wish I had enough style to dress in layers....

And C and I did a double feature at the movie theater because I thought she was moving in 2 weeks...but she tricked me. She actually has 6 more months in Singapore which is great! And unlike in America where it is possible to sneak in and watch multiple movies...we actually bought two movie tickets each. One for Valentine's Day and one for Nine. Watching two movies in a row made me think...I don't think I have ever sneaked into another movie after watching one movie in America, and now that is not possible at all in Singapore. But I love watching movies in Singapore because of the caramel makes everything better.

I also went to a traditional chinese ney year's dinner with a friend of a friend of my mother's. Super awkward because I was the only person not related to anyone. And let me tell you Chinese people eat some weird stuff! There is this traditional (as in traditional Singaporean, not Chinese) thing called yu sheng. Its like a salad with noodles and salmon and a bunch of other crazy stuff...and everyone  uses their chopsticks and toss it into the air over and over again for prosperity. Although, when I was doing it a ton of noodles fell on my hand...I wonder if that means I won't be prosperous this year?

And I spent Valentines with Mae and Ashley! They're soooo awesome...I bought us cute valentines days cupcakes and macaroons from a restaurant downstairs of my apartment, and we had a great dinner at a surprisingly good Mexican restaurant called Margarita's, which actually has amazing margaritas! The only thing I missed was the free chips and salsa you always get when you're in the US.

But the best part of the entire weekend was picking up the MOMMY at the airport! I get 2.5 weeks with the mommy....yaaaaaaaay!! All in all, this was one of the best weekends!

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