Friday, April 1, 2011

Vietnamese + Amazing View

I found the most amazing restaurant with P this week. Its called Nuoc and is located on the top of Orchard Central Mall's rooftop garden. This restaurant is amazing for soooooo many reasons. Firstly, I had no idea this rooftop garden existed even though I have been to this mall a bunch of times. Secondly, the food is delicious! And lastly, even though the view and decor and food is amazing, its not expensive at all.

the view....awesome

the rooftop garden

coconut flan p ordered

P and I thought we had eaten at all the restaurants in the orchard/sommerset area...but its so great to know that we haven't and that there are so many new places to discover (there are like 3 other restaurants upstairs). I can't wait to discover more awesome places! Until nest time, xxoo!

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