Sunday, September 5, 2010


So its mooncake time in Singapore. I really can't understand this city/country's obsession with holidays. It turns every holiday (western/chinese/muslim) into some over commercialized nonsense. But their obsession with mooncakes is intenses. Every hotel/restuarant has a version of this mooncake...singapore even has this type of snow-skin mooncake that you probably can't find anywhere else because its just sooo weird.

Mooncakes are chinese pastries that are eaten during the mid-autum festival. I can't remember the story of the festival even though I learned it last year while working at Raffles....but i do love the traditional baked mooncake with lotus paste...minus the egg yolk.

Anyways the snow skin mooncakes are pretty interesting...they have some interesting flavors. However the most popular is like champagne truffle deal...which is basically this mushy outside covering a truffle. Its pretty weird...

Besides from these two types...some other places wanted to get in on this giant commercial holiday. So godiva has chocolate mooncakes...which are just chocolate. And Haagen-Daaz has ice cream mooncakes! So i tried those this weekend. It was basically  dark chocolate covered ice cream with a "yolk" made out of mango sorbet. It came with two small things of pomegranate sorbet that looked like snow-skin mooncakes. It was delicious!

the "yolk"

Well other than that...I've been sooo busy at my new job. It is intense and I can't believe the weekend is over already. Can't wait for the long weekend next weekend...xxoo!

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